Please welcome amazing LazyKitty as our first official creativ team member! Great to have her in our team! Here is her another awesome page from our Jungle Fever Kit. I just love it all!

credit is here

Please leave her some love if you like it. Here is her fabulous gallery.


Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008. And here is our little gift for you. 4 papers and 3 christmas elements as a freebie. Enjoy it!

download here

Thank you for your favour and all your lovely comments and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2008.

Bohemian Art


Hi again,
we have a next small gift just for you! We created A rainbowlike Mozaic - elements from Mozaic Freebie in 12 amazing colors !!! with 2 new bonus red sky papers. Here is the preview:

Enjoy this fun freebie here - download part one and part two. Hope you like it!
Happy Holidays!


včera jsem trochu tvořila, jen velmi jednoduchá "LO" - chci si dát fotografie kluků na zeď. Myslím, že to dopadlo docela dobře :o)
Hello all, I was a bit creative yesterday, only very simple 'LO' - I want to put the pictures of the boy up on the wall. I think, it turned out quite well :o)

Kredit je zde (credits here).

Kredit je zde (credits here).

Také Vám chci ukázat "LO" od LazyKitty - moc se mi líbí:

I'd like to show you a 'LO' by LazyKitty - I really like it:

Kredit je zde (credits here).



Hi all,
How are you? We have been very busy with our families for the last couple of weeks so this is perhaps the last writing this year. But we did not forget about you – we have a small freebie for you:

Grab it here!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to seeing you in 2008.


Hi all!

It`s monday AGAIN! We have 2 hot news in our shop - two alphabets this time. First one is amazing paper spotted alpha from Jungle Fever Kit:

And next is beautiful alpha from Glass Mozaic Kits in pink and green. It was very hard work on it, because every one noisette is in correct individual position with right lightening. Hard hand made!

And monday`s freebie? Oh, I have just a few minutes till midnight, LOL. So here it is - sampler from Boys Glass Mozaic. Hope you like it!

Download here!

Enjoy! Have a nice week and thank you for stopping by.

Martina & Nikolette


Hello our dear blogger friends!

How are you? I`m back from vacation and I have a planty of good news for you! At first my newest layout for amazing Danielle Young. It called First snow and it`s really frosty winter page from new Danielle`s page kit Jack Frost:

Credits here.

And we have next new stuff in our Hotspotscraps shop! Do you remember one of our first freebies here - Litlle Traveler? We remade it and created huge childish kit with the same name - Little Traveler. Here is the preview:

And here is sprightly Martina`s layout from it:

Okay, okay - freebie time! We have a little sampler from this infant kit for you. And it`s not sugary pink, LOL! Hope you`ll like it.

Grab it here!

Thank you for stopping by and have an awesome week!


Weekend sale at Hotspotscraps and new minikit!

Hi all!

Again here, LOL! We finished Boys Glass Mozaic Minikit and Martina created this cute layout from a minikit. Hope you like it too!

And at last - big sale at Hotspotscraps this weekend! Don`t miss it! :-)

Have a nice weekend!



Hi all,

I know, it`s not a monday again, but I`ll be on a vacation next week, so I had to write this post now! Thanks for all your lovely comments and layouts from Jungle Fever Freebie! We didn`t expect so many reactions, we are really happy! Thanks girls, you are the best!

And what`s new? We have other new stuff in our shop - Girly Glass Mozaic Minikit, here is the preview:
We are creating a boy version now. But today we have a little freebie from Girly Glass Mozaic for you. Hope you`ll like it too!

Grab it here.

Have you a nice week. Happy friday for everyone! :-)



Monday Freebie

Hi all,
and thanks for all your congratulations! Here is our gift for you. Little sampler from our new kit Jungle Fever:

Download HERE

If you`ll create some layouts from some part of it, please, send it to us - our mail: bohemianart@email.cz! We would like to see it!

And I forgot, we have new product in our shop - hand stitched flower overlays FLOWERY! Hope you like it!

Happy Monday everywhere!
Happy scraping!


Bohemian ART!

Hi all,

Even it`s not a monday we have a BIG NEWS for you! Today is the official day!

Oh yeeeeaah, we are so happy! Also we have a new designername - Bohemian ART. Hope you like it! And here is our first stuff you can find during the sunday at Hotspotscraps:


and paper pack WINTER NIGHT

Do you like it? We have a good news for you - discount 25% till 17th November!!! And look forward to Monday, we are preparing a next freebie for you!

And our layouts from Jungle Fever kit:

At last we wanted to thank you for all your lovely comments, it`s a big motivation for us. THANK YOU!!! Have a fabulous weekend.


Nikolette & Martina
Bohemian ART


Happy DSD!

Hi there!
Happy monday and DSD to everyone! What`s new? I have two new layouts. I have one photo with Katka`s first steps in her life and I love it, so I use it for green color challenge on Little Dreamer Desings.

credit here

And another one is with actual Katka`s photo from last saturday with her first snow in this year. It called Snow -white, snow- pink? And is all from Danielle Young`s newest amazing kit Emma`s Smile.

credit here

And at last Danielle Young has a 25% discount to her stuff:

And of course we have FREEBIE for you this week! We created ZOO minikit. Our walks to the ZOO are so often and we have too many photos with our children and animals, that we just had to created it :) For this week we have for you first part of this kit - PAPER ALPHA. Hope you like it!

sorry, the link has been removed

So have a nice week. Thank you for stopping by and see you next monday!


Hi all!

First of all we wanted to thank you for your comments, you are so sweet! Thanks! And it`s monday - our newest freebie is here! Curly ribbons - 2 ribbons in 6 bright colors all in individual .png files just for you:

Grab it here

Sorry for short post today. If you have some layouts with our freebies, we would like to see it! Really! Thanks and have an awesome week. Hugs to you all!



Hi there,

how are you? It`s monday again and we`ve created our new freebie called Sonata just for you. We love this full colors. Hope you enjoy it!

sorry, the link has been removed

And what`s new? We are very busy now, because it`s only few weeks till Christmas and we have to create original calendars for our home-folk.
So have a great time and thanks for all your lovely comments.


Martina & Nikolette


Happy Monday everyone!

Just a short post today. Are you waiting for our new freebie? Yess? So here it is! Hope you`ll like it! Here's the preview:

sorry, the link has been removed

We wanted to create some boys minikit, because everything shouldn`t be pink :-) And thank you for all your lovely comments.

Danielle Young has a new blog and lovely custom kit contest on it and Ramalka create lovely Grab Bag for 2 euro on the occasion of the 2nd german Scrapbookday at Hotspotscraps!

Enjoy it!
Take care and have a great week!

Nikolette & MartinaS


Dragon`s Alphas and more...

Hi everyone!

It`s start of new week again and we have couple new layouts. MartinaS created amazing LO with swinging Honzik - One ordinary day using her own black paper and my Beautiful Katka is experiment with B&W photo and awesome blue solid paper from great Michelle Coleman.

credits here

credits here

And it`s time for freebie. For this week we have for you Dragon`s Alphabet. Hope you`ll like it! Here`s the preview:

Here is the link.

So if you like it, enjoy! Have a great week and thanks for your love in comments.

Love to you all!
Nikolette & MartinaS


Hot news!

Hi there!

We are proud because MartinaS layout Autumn 2006 won Fall themed challenge on Pixel Gypsy Desings blog!

credits here

Unfortunately MartinaS isn`t online, beacause she is with younger son Honzik in the hospital. But I told her about it on yesterday evening and she was very happy! So thank you very much Pixel Gypsy for your challenge and MatinaS - congratulations!!!



Next Monday, Next Freebie.

Hi our dear blogger friends!

Thank you for all your lovely comments to Little Dragon Minikit! We`re so happy that you like it. And we have other big news - Danielle Young chosen me to be in her creativ team! Wow! She is fabulous designer. If you want to know anything about her, here is her blog and here her stuff in the shop. And next we made couple layouts for Little Dreamer Designs and their Dreams Girl Openings. I love MartinaS LO, this orange and green color combination is so cool! And I make you sure, that Filip is really all the time in the movement:

credits here

And here is my fall ispiration with my DD:

credits here

Oh and at last, our new freebie - Velveta! Hope you like it too! Here's the preview:

You can grab it here.

I was inspired by my daughter's jeans, LOL! It includes 4 solid papers, 1 frame, 2 ribbons, flowers and one little stitching. So have a great week.
Happy Scrapping!



Little Dragon

MartinaS, congratulation! I`m so happy!

And little gift for everyone. We create freebie called Little Dragon minikit.

sorry, the link has been removed

Have a wonderful day.


MartinaS create for Ramalka!
Jupííí, slavím :o)

jsem lednový CT guest u Ramalky

Ramalko děkuji za důvěru



A jedeme dál :o))) V červnu oslavil Honzík své první narozeniny:
Let’s carry on. Honzik celebrated his first Birthday in June.